Seasoned with Love – Printable PDF

Hey everybody!  I realized tonight that I started a printable a long time ago so here it is, all finished up!  This is a very similar printable to this one, but I really love this type of saying.  I actually have been meaning to hang some of these in our kitchen but need to buy frames desperately!  I just cannot decide on what color or type.  I hope you enjoy this though, while I’m still deciding on my own decor :)

Our Kitchen Is Seasoned with Love Free Printable @

(click to download PDF)

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New to Monthly Budgeting

February will be the first month that Michael and I write out our budget before the month begins and we will attempt to stick to Dave Ramsey’s Guide to Budgeting.  We’ve used techniques like his before but somehow always take money out of other categories when we go over.  It is something we really want to work on – especially because there are so many things we want to funnel our money to.

I started creating a worksheet we could use and then thought it would be a great idea to offer it on Etsy just in case anyone isn’t handy at coming up with their own sheet or doesn’t like some of the others that are online.  Don’t get me wrong – this one I am about to share with you is what makes sense to ME. It may not work or be good for you.  And who knows?  Maybe after I use it a few months I’ll want to make a few changes based on use and how it goes.  We shall see :)

If you’re interested in the printable, check out the sample below and head over to my Etsy Digital Designs shop to purchase.  Fingers crossed we can stick to writing out our budget before February rolls around!

Monthly Budget Worksheet @ Continue reading

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Merry and Bright!

Here is a free printable PDF for you, if you like it :)  It is 8.5×11 (regular sized paper). I may have been home sick today but that didn’t stop the creative juices from flowing.  I’ll be honest though… I didn’t do much more than this!  I hope you enjoy it.  I really am enjoying this holiday season.  I’ve just ordered our family holiday cards and we’re getting ready to host friends and family all throughout the season.  I’m even singing in our staff holiday choir at work on Friday and Saturday evening.  Keep smiling through this amazing season!

Merry and Bright Printable PDF @ to download PDF)

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