Working Weekend

…On the patio, that is!  Mike is making a lot of great progress on our new patio.  The retaining wall is all built up and now we’re laying out the top patio blocks.

Patio @

I definitely helped with carting some of those blocks from our driveway to the patio spot… not easy!  We are really happy with it so far.  DIY is never easy but through trial and error, I think it will be really nice.  Mike even constructed a DIY firepit into the corner (see the above photo, towards the bottom right).

Patio @

You can see the blocks better in the above photo.  We still need to adjust a few and keep going.  My mind is already fast forwarding to a table with umbrella and brightly colored candles and pillows!  Patience is a virtue! Please disregard the rest of the backyard which is WEEDS.  We weeded some of our front flower beds this evening, and even got a close up of these beauties:

Lilly @

Summer Flowers @ HappyWifey.netSnowball

The lilly is my favorite, as it has JUST opened and was planted by my grandmother.  I also love our “snowball” bush which is going to be out of control HUGE in a few days.

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Our Garden Box

My dear husband built us this box… he is a great carpenter!  I’d say we spent $40 on the wood.  We hope to have some more in the future!


And in it, he used some cat litter contains to separate our herbs!


We had some basil in our meat sauce tonight over pasta.. delish!  If you’d like your own garden box… I would like to think Mike’s design is loosely most related to this one over at Pioneer Woman.  We also are growing peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, sweet mint, and cilantro!

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Beginning Our Backyard

After our kitchen remodel, we were left with a giant dirt pit for a backyard.  My grandparents had a nice backyard but it had tons of concrete.. so we decided to scrap that when the construction for the kitchen began.

Well, now we are trying to get it back together!  We need a place to eat outside and entertain… so we’re planning a block patio outside of our kitchen’s temporary back stairs.

We picked and purchased both gray square paver’s (for the ground) and gray retaining blocks (because the patio will be higher than the grass below… we’re on a bill)…

our_blockfirepit_demoThe above photo displays the retaining block.  We’re also going to use them to build a fire pit!  This is going to take a while, so right now I’m marshmallow dreaming. <3

…Also, I can’t believe how many of you posted links on Monday!  I can’t wait to pick a favorite and share who got the most clicks!!  Thanks!!!

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Niagara Falls


Mike and I traveled to Niagara Falls, Canada recently with two of our closest friends!  We stayed with family in NY for part of the trip, and then went to Canada with our friends for five days.  We got a Groupon for the hotel and had an amazing stay at the Marriot Fallsview in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  Everything was lovely, and we felt really great about getting a good deal!

Our Groupon included taxes, the hotel stay, wine tasting in nearby Niagara-on-the-Lake, wine tasting in the hotel, public transportation to all the nearby attractions on the Canada side of the falls, breakfast buffet every morning in the hotel, and uh… I think that’s it?  Wow!

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Almost There

Whew… vacation is less than a week away!  I am headed to Niagara Falls (here I come, Canada readers!) and couldn’t be more stoked. To you guys, I’m always on vacation.  What can I say?  Running a blog and working full time is hard.  I know there are many who do it a lot better than me… but it is what it is.  More good stuff coming soon, I promise!

This Mother’s Day was a tough one to get through without Mom around for the 5th year… but it turned into a nice day and I’d like to just try and keep remembering her as best I can… What a lovely mom she was!  She really always wanted to make sure my brother and I were having an awesome childhood.  I consider myself blessed that she was about to attend my college graduation and be there to call my whole family to tell them that I had been proposed to by an amazing guy.  I know she is still watching over <3


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