My Attempt at Paper Medallions

I’m both a fan of Vera Bradley AND The TomKat Studio.. so I definitely didn’t miss the cute DIY Paper Medallions they featured when this photo popped up in my news feed:

Here they are… I’m super proud of them!

DIY Paper Medallions @

I made these for my Light the Night Team Kickoff Party and really fell in love with them.  The tutorial featured on The Inside Stitch was super easy!  I didn’t have a fancy paper punch for the design around the side, so I just used my decorative scissors to shape the outside.

These decorations take 2 sheets of 12×12 scrapbook paper, and another paper of the same color so you can punch out the circles for the center.  You’ll also need the circle punch and a hot glue gun.  To make the folding easier, I used a paper scorer.  Check out the instructions in this post.  Thanks to The TomKat Studio for teaching me a cool new way to make decorations with unlimited potential.  Who wants a party next?!

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Upcycling Christmas Cards

Yes, I know that it is the end of January and that I am a bit late… but I have a confession to make.  I still have an entire room filled with wrapping paper and gift boxes!  All of my other Christmas stuff was put away in quick fashion a few weekends after Christmas, but the giftwrap and boxes stayed.  The Christmas cards that we received also stayed hung in our dining room coat closet door – I love to keep them up longer, but gosh they needed to GO!

This is how I’ve upcycled my cards – I simply used my gifttag and circle hole punches and punched out great shapes!  Later on I’ll add a single hole punch to each and use these for Christmas gifts next year.  No need to buy Christmas tags, and I didn’t have to recycle the entirety of my cards!  Win win!! I wonder if my friends and family can spot their cards just by looking at the tags 😉 Check them out:

Upcycling Christmas Cards @

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Pin Gone Wonderful: No-Sew Tutu’s!

I absolutely loved making these adorable no-sew tutu’s.  I am gifting one to each of my nieces and one to my “honorary” niece (my best friend’s daughter).  I am also going to be making two for another friend’s two daughters.  The tutorial I used can be found here from Simply Real Moms.

No Sew Tutu @

When I was looking for a craft to make for the tots this year, I knew it had to be girly, cute, and EASY.  I do not know how to sew at all so this craft was absolutely perfect.  I also got most of the tulle really cheap.  When I layered the tulle, I used 2 pieces each of a darker and lighter color tulle (which equals four layers) and then went on knotting like the tutorial I linked above explains.

I cannot wait to gift these on Christmas and when I see my nieces! Thank goodness they aren’t old enough to read blogs 😉  I am hoping to update this or another post later with some IN ACTION shots. The tutu’s would only fit my leg.. and let’s face it – my leg isn’t a very good tutu model! Give these a shot if you have little ladies in your life, you won’t be sorry!

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DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath

I’ve been seeing “easy Christmas wreaths” all over Pinterest lately and decided to give one a shot.  I decided to follow along with Everything Fabulous and make this particular ornament wreath with a wire hanger used as a base.  After I procured a wire hanger from my stepmother (most of ours are wooden or plastic) I gathered my other supplies and got to work.

DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath -

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Simple Christmas Centerpiece

I’m really proud of my Christmas centerpiece this year!  I had some of the items on hand and purchased the rest inexpensively from the craft store.

Simple Christmas Centerpiece -

I’ve had the vase forever as well as the orange glass jewels on the bottom.  Then I layered with some gold holiday filler from ACMoore and topped those with ornaments that I got from Christmas Tree Shoppe.  I then stuck in some floral beads and added a special ornament.  The ornament was actually my grandmother’s and was purchased from Macy’s in Herald Square.  It is in need of repair but does just fine sitting atop my centerpiece. I am so excited for the holidays this year!

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Gorgeous Sewn Paper Hearts (an Etsy share)

One of my friends from college makes amazing crafty paper products that she is now happily selling on Etsy!  I’ll be featuring different craft projects from one of my best friend’s bridal shower party that I helped organize in August.

Please give serious props for Katie and her fabulous shop Herk and Rory as well as her amazing sewn paper hearts:

HeartsPlease be sure to check her out!  She recently started selling tons of new items and I am positive they will not disappoint.

Here is how we used the hearts:

Shower Hearts @

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