Happy Mommy

It is about time I get around to adding our new addition to my online site!  I intend to keep adding personal recipes and favorite things to this blog.. just need to get myself together!

Giving birth was the most difficult things I have done.  But amazing and so worth it!  Meet George Luke, who was born on September 5th <3

IMG_7666IMG_7726 IMG_7729

Guys.  He is so amazing. I can’t wait to share some of my experiences here <3

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Bad Blogger (and a late announcement!)

It is incredibly safe to say that I have been a VERY bad blogger!  Sorry about that.  I hope to use this space to write new posts and share a lot of the recipes and projects that I’ve been slacking on.  I really miss having a way to catalog the cool things that I create (food and crafts) and other nice life stuff!

Many of you who follow me on my personal Facebook page know that we are expecting our first baby: a son!  We can’t be more thrilled and I have been feeling really, really good. Baby Boy is set to arrive in September!

HappyWifey.net Baby!

My darling guy has been working diligently on converting our guest bedroom into a nursery which included making the closet bigger, repairing at least 2 walls of drywall, and installing two new windows.  Up next, he is going to put up the new drywall, tape, spackle, sand, paint, and install some lovely closet stuff for us.  I look forward to sharing project photos here!

I have a few food posts that I should be able to have up here soon, but not too many!  Sometimes, housework tackles me and I forget all about how I love to take photos of what we make.  I want to be able to post during maternity leave (which should begin in September, if this babe cooperates) with food ideas, my experiences, and so much more <3  I’ve been loving finding all sorts of parenting information on Pinterest (but taking EVERYTHING with a grain of salt of course!) and would love to help contribute there.

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