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Kelly with wedding hair.

Image courtesy of Kathleen Hertel

I couldn’t be more happy to be a young wife! Most people looked at me weird when they learned I was tying the knot at only 24 years old.  Now happily married at 27, I’m happy to share my experiences online with you.

I grew up in apartment life so naturally I was a bit shell-shocked when the daunting task of cleaning and maintaining an entire house popped up!  My husband and I currently co-own my late grandparents’ home with my older brother which is a blessing but at times can be stressful.  After moving in and realizing that I may not just be as clean and organized as I think I am – I really decided that I need to start coming up with some organization!

…Who knew that it would be so easy to skip the laundry 5 days in a row?!

…Okay. You got me.  14 days in a row.  This is going to be some adventure!

What else?  I am a techie by nature.  I graduated with a BS in Information Systems and love my day job as an IT Specialist (translation: webmaster with tons of other tasks!).  I LOVE giving technology trainings and LOVE to see women succeed in technology.

Why Blog?  I started this blog because I grew intrigued by all the amazing, creative posts added by amazing women on the web.  I thought, “I could contribute to that!!”, and here I am :)

Kelly and Michael by the lake

Image courtesy of Kathleen Hertel

Our Marriage: Michael and I were married in May of 2010 in central New Jersey.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day and a more amazing guy who gets ME.

Our marriage is a compromise for both of us and a learning experience all around.  We support each other through thick and thin and support the other if sick, sad, or upset.  We goof around, dance in kitchen to Michael Buble tunes, and try to keep each other in check (most of the time).

We also have three cats: Isaac, Calvin, and Jaime.  Isaac was our first kitty, then Calvin came around our anniversary in 2011, and Jaime is much older and belonged to my dad before he moved out of our house in early 2012. We are definitely cat people.  Say ‘meow’!

Isaac @ HapyWifey.netcalvinjamieThanks for visiting and reading!  I really appreciate it!

Drop me an email for any reason at kelly[at]happywifey[dot]net

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