Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

I decided once I got my bread machine that an attempt at King’s Hawaiian rolls must be made – without hesitation!  I found a nice sounding recipe online that I could use for my bread maker and got to work!

Hawaiian Sweet Rolls @ HappyWifey.net

There are TONS of recipes out there for this, but I decided on this one from food.com, even though I didn’t have the coconut extract.  I do know where to find it now (turns out the Shoprite in my town doesn’t carry it, but the one where I work does) and will have to add that for the next go around.  I did sub just a little bit of vanilla because I knew the coconut extract would add a little bit of moisture.

Listen to the instructions in the recipe about how to store your rolls!  They will not be soft if you don’t listen!  I made two batches and the day-of batches were much nicer than the ones I made the prior evening.

I served these babies with crock-pot pulled pork, cole slaw, and mixed greens!  I like to think of it as a pretty impressive dinner party!  These are very, very buttery. The best part?  The pineapple juice dough in the bread machine makes the house smell pretty good for a LONG TIME. Enjoy!

Hawaiian Sweet Rolls @ HappyWifey.net

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