The Happy Monday Show & Share (#2)

Show and ShareThanks SO SO much to everyone who shared links last week!

Here are some of the links I really, really loved! ┬áThere will so many good ones but here are the three that I thought I’d be most likely to try!!


First off… Sandi’s Chocolate Sweet Potato Frosting!

Sweet Potato Frosting


Also… Rebecca’s Lantern Redo!

Spray Painted Lanterns!


And finally…

Loaves n Dishes’ Roasted Sweet Potatoes!



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5 thoughts on “The Happy Monday Show & Share (#2)

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  2. Hey Kelly, thanks for featuring my recipe, truly appreciate it!
    Also I want to let you know that when you left a comment on my blog, I clicked on your name and it takes me to your Google profile, which only shows what looks like is an old blog of yours.

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