Beginning Our Backyard

After our kitchen remodel, we were left with a giant dirt pit for a backyard.  My grandparents had a nice backyard but it had tons of concrete.. so we decided to scrap that when the construction for the kitchen began.

Well, now we are trying to get it back together!  We need a place to eat outside and entertain… so we’re planning a block patio outside of our kitchen’s temporary back stairs.

We picked and purchased both gray square paver’s (for the ground) and gray retaining blocks (because the patio will be higher than the grass below… we’re on a bill)…

our_blockfirepit_demoThe above photo displays the retaining block.  We’re also going to use them to build a fire pit!  This is going to take a while, so right now I’m marshmallow dreaming. <3

…Also, I can’t believe how many of you posted links on Monday!  I can’t wait to pick a favorite and share who got the most clicks!!  Thanks!!!

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2 thoughts on “Beginning Our Backyard

  1. I really didn’t like remodeling when we did it ….. however, starting with a blank space would be different! I can’t wait to see when it’s all done! :)

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