Summer Cocktail: Raspberry Mango Mojito

Raspberry Mango Mojito @

I came up with this little concoction this past Memorial Day because I happened to purchase some mango flavored coconut rum at the duty free shoppe in Canada on the way back to the US!  This drink is amazing and really easy if you happen to grow mint in your backyard like we do :)

Raspberry Mango Mojito

Makes 1 drink…


2 ounces Mailbu Mango Coconut Rum

4 ounces club soda / seltzer

some mint leaves

1 tbsp lime juice (or 1/4 of a lime)

raspberry syrup, to taste




  • Take a few mint leaves (I’m going to say I use about 5 per drink) and add with lime juice to the bottom of a tall glass.
  • Add rum and club soda. Stir!  Add ice.
  • Taste the drink at this point.  Add more rum, soda, or lime to taste.
  • Then, to sweeten things up, I like to add in raspberry syrup, pictured below.  This eliminates the use of adding a simple syrup (typical to a mojito) and gives it a more summery taste. Yum!

Raspberry Mango Mojito @ The fact that I can usually have all ingredients to make this drink (until the rum is gone 😉 ha!) means that it will be a really nice summer!

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