Spring is Here!

We hit temperatures in the low 70’s today.. not a bad way to go back to work after spring break vacation!  I spent part of that vacation at home, and the later half of vacation in Virginia, DC, and Maryland with friends and family!

Cherry Blossoms @ HappyWifey.netAbove is one of the great shots Michael got of the cherry blossoms beginning to bloom in Washington.  I guess he really likes my camera too!  Someday when we have a child to photography… he’s going to be all over that.

I’ve got a few recipes and new printables in my head… I am hoping to bring them to the blog soon.  Until then.. here are some things I’m loving Around the Web…

  1. DietBet – I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this before!  You set a bet $$ amount, invite friends, and have a little weight loss competition online.  I hope some of my friends join in with me!  I might have dumped $10 from my PayPal account into it in no time flat.. hm..
  2. Blissful & Domestic Pantry Tips – Are great!  I don’t have open shelves.. but I DO love her note about storing bulk items in the food grade buckets! Wow!
  3. Sweet Potato & Sausage Soup – This sounds sooo good.  I don’t care if I may be the only one in the household who will like it.. I want to make it stat!
  4. Pizza Dough for the Freezer – Wahoo!  This will definitely be the next pizza dough recipe I make.  Time to get frugal!
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