Dinner Tonight: Asian Pork Stirfry

Hello friends!  I bring you not a recipe today, but some photos of the meal I whipped up tonight!  There were no measurements to this meal.. and thus.. no recipe is to be had!  Womp.

Asian Pork Stirfry @ HappyWifey.net

Making stir fry is one of our favorite things but we haven’t done it in a pretty long time.  The following stir fry consists of onions, cubed boneless pork loin, sesame oil, garlic (in oil), sriracha!, hoisin sauce, soy sauce, sesame seeds, fresh baby bella mushrooms, bell pepper slices, carrot slices and whew.. I think that’s it!

I cook the onions and garlic first in a little oil.  I then add in whatever meat I am using (this time, it happened to be boneless pork!  We also love it with chicken and beef!). Then, add your choice of other sauces/spices and throw in the vegetables as well :)

Asian Pork Stirfry @ HappyWifey.net

One of my favorite pots to use is our great big cast iron wok that my dad and brother bought Mike and us when we were getting married.  It holds the heat sooo well and just cooks everything wonderfully.  I tend to add a bit more sweet ingredients than spicy to our stir fry.. next time, I am adding more sriracha!!
Asian Pork Stirfry @ HappyWifey.net

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