This Week’s Grocery Shopping Picks

This doesn’t cover everything we bought.. but here is a glimpse of what made it into our house this week!  Because we are budgeting with cash, I am trying to be more mindful of the prices we pay for all of our groceries.  We shopped ALDI, Shoprite, and our local Farmer’s Market… but here is a look at some of the items we scooped up at ALDI.

Biscuit Muffin Sandwiches – $2.99 – A splurge, but Hubby really likes them.  They are OK in a pinch… I actually am starting to think about making these and freezing them ahead of time to save a bit.  But can you really make 4 of them for under $3?!

Multigrain Waffles – $1.29 – I LOVE waffles.  The normal lowfat waffles I buy @ Shoprite aren’t always on sale so the reliable $1.29 for these waffles makes me feel good.  140 calories for 2 waffles!  I like them with peanut butter and bananas or bananas and strawberries!

Saltines – $0.99 – A Hubby staple!

Raspberry Greek Yogurt – $0.89 – I didn’t think I’d like it.. but it was really good! Can’t wait to buy more.

Fresh Blackberries! – $0.99 – What a deal. COME ON!

Gorgonzola from ALDI!

Gorgonzola Crumbles – $1.99 – Delicious on salads and the taste and price can’t be BEAT. Mmm.

Boxed Macaroni & Cheese – $0.39 – Yes, terrible for you but every once in a while, we like our fake Mac and Cheese!  What a steal 😀

Lifeway Lowfat Strawberry Kefir – $2.79 – Mike really likes Kefir.. it looks nasty to me but at least it is cheaper at ALDI!

All Purpose Flour – $1.89 – I keep an extra bag stocked in case I need to bake!  Love the constant great price.

Cat Litter – $3.99 – For like… 20 pounds of cat litter this is a crazy savings for us!  We’re spending $8 on cat litter instead of oh, $14.  Woot!

There you have it!  No, I don’t know ALDI or anything.  I just really love them.  I was able to get a LOT of my groceries from there this week for $32.51.  20 items. I also bought fruit cocktail, cereal, chips (bad!), cheese, bread, and bananas.

At the market, Mike was able to find some great strawberries at 2 containers for $3.  It is a light shopping week because we have so much stocked in our freezer… but I really feel that less than $80 at the stores is a great achievement!

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