Glazed Orange Poppy Scones

Guess what I found at the market yesterday?  Poppy Seeds!

SOO, the only thing I could think of to do was to find a delicious poppy seed recipe.. stat.  The winner came to be Orange Poppy Scones from Shutterbean (I have an addiction to that site! So so good!  If you don’t recall.. that’s where the recipe for Homemade Amaretto came from :)  YES!)

Here we go…

Glazed Orange Poppy Scones @

I love how easy this recipe came together!  I have never made scones before.  They sound so.. complicated!  But with the recipe’s easy steps, I had these babies in the oven in NO TIME!

I did go one step further and decided to glaze these… I have only had scones from say, Panera, where the orange scones are dipped in this delicious, sugar-laced glazed.  I put a small glaze together by combining powdered sugar, orange juice, and milk.  Whisk away, let sit a bit, and then I dunked the scones in after they had cooled a while.

Glazed Orange Poppy Scones @ The insides were fluffy, moist, delicious, and OH MY.  Definitely a splurge (calorie wise).  Thank God there are only 8 of these.. any more and I would have a serious scone-eating-problem on my hands.  Make these soon and enjoy!

Click here for the recipe…

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