My New Mini Cards

When I saw a deal for mini Moo cards on Moolala, I snatched the offer right up!  The deal was 100 free mini moo cards, with only $5 shipping.  Cool!  Here are my little beauties:

Mini Moo Cards @

I picked a design that came with 5 different front patterns – all of them are wonderful!  I can’t wait to hand some of these babies out.  While it isn’t every day that I meet someone who would need my contact information… I think these would be super fun to bring to a blog conference if I should ever get to go to one :)  They are small but really cute!  And Moo is really cute because all of their marketing materials are sweet and a bit hysterical:

Moo is Funny. @ HappyWifey.netA funny/snarky company, is a nice company* :)

*most of the time

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