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French Bread @

When the snow started to fall on Friday evening, I got the urge to bake.  No – not an urge… I plotted!  When I hear snow, I immediately start thinking about what I can try my hand at baking.  There is something about being snowed in and baking in a warm kitchen despite the nasty weather that makes me happy!  And let’s face it, the snow is pretty to look at.  Especially when you are looking at it with a warm piece of fresh french bread in your hand.

This might be the easiest and best bread recipe I’ve ever made.  It comes from The Frugal Girl, whom I just started reading… and I adore her already!  What a wonderful website and wonderful bread.

French BreadClick here for recipe.

Modifications… I doubled this recipe and subbed a bit of the regular flour for whole wheat, leaving most of the flour all purpose.  I also greased the pans with vegetable shortening, which gave the bottom of the loaf this amazing, crunchy/chewy thing.  YUM.

Here is the dough unbaked after it had risen, slashed, and egg-washed:

French Bread @

And here it is in all it’s baked glory:

French Bread @

Tonight for dinner, I cut a huge hunk of this bread into three pieces and made french bread pizza.  It was a tasty, tasty weeknight dinner!  Highly recommend :)

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