Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars!

I love simple, easy dessert recipes!  These chocolate chip cookie bars totally flip the bill.  I found the recipe on Real MOM Kitchen and absolutely loved making them.  Lining the pan with foil is the best… these are easy to make AND easy to clean up.

cookiebarsOnce cut, these are easy to store and easy to eat!  I love that they give the taste of chocolate chip cookies but are easier to make (no spooning out batter).  I used a pizza wheel to cut these into cute squares once they were 100% cool.


Taking “healthy” food for lunch is much easier when you’ve got a little square of cookie bar to go with it 😀  I am 100% keeping this recipe on file so that I can make these for my future kids’ lunch boxes.. oh yea.  So so tasty.  So tasty… that I have promptly hidden them from myself and have limited myself to two a day.  Must. hide. cookie. bars.  I think these would also be great to freeze.  I think I may also add some walnuts in next time, if I win that battle with my nuts-in-my-baking-hater hubby.  😉  Have a great night!

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