Upcycling Christmas Cards

Yes, I know that it is the end of January and that I am a bit late… but I have a confession to make.  I still have an entire room filled with wrapping paper and gift boxes!  All of my other Christmas stuff was put away in quick fashion a few weekends after Christmas, but the giftwrap and boxes stayed.  The Christmas cards that we received also stayed hung in our dining room coat closet door – I love to keep them up longer, but gosh they needed to GO!

This is how I’ve upcycled my cards – I simply used my gifttag and circle hole punches and punched out great shapes!  Later on I’ll add a single hole punch to each and use these for Christmas gifts next year.  No need to buy Christmas tags, and I didn’t have to recycle the entirety of my cards!  Win win!! I wonder if my friends and family can spot their cards just by looking at the tags 😉 Check them out:

Upcycling Christmas Cards @ HappyWifey.net

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