Happy Amaretto!

I mean, Happy New Year!  I decided yesterday that I would try and whip up this homemade amaretto – and I did!  And it is good! And tastes like amaretto!  Alright!


I found this wonderful recipe here at Shutterbean!  I have a thing for Amaretto Sours.. ohh, so good.  Maybe I will ring in the year with one of those!  My friend Christine and I also discovered the ABC shot – Amaretto, Baileys, and Cognac!  Ohh yes!  So, this homemade Amaretto is a gift for her (I doubled the batch) and I really do think she’ll like it :)  The only modification I made was that I used vanilla flavored vodka, as that is what I had on hand.  I also had some Grey Goose that I got for my birthday last year… but that seemed a little wrong.

amarettoSPEAKING of birthdays, the end of the year and the start of a new signifies my birthday TOO (okay.  I didn’t mean to rhyme.  BUT WASN’T IT FUN?!).  My close friends are so amazing that they call or text me right after midnight to wish me a Happy Birthday, which happens to be Jan 1.  This year we are ringing in 2013 with a small group of friends and will not be hosting a party because I elected to host a Christmas gathering instead.  I am kind of excited to keep it low key, have a ridiculously awesome time, and be thankful for all the awesome things in my life!

Resolutions?  I have a few.  But most of them are things I have been working on, on and off, for quite a while.  Focus on becoming healthier, work on my photography and blog, clean more, continue to be there for the people I love, save more money, and prepare for the future.  We aren’t ready for kids yet but the steps we take this year could certainly position us to be ready soon!  Have a blessed NYE and 2013, everyone <3

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