Orange Spicy Pork Tacos

I’m adoring cooking in our new kitchen.  I was in the mood for mexican tonight so decided to whip up some pork tacos!  We often go to beef, chicken, or turkey recipes when we crave mexican but I really wanted to try something different.

We like to buy pork tenderloin when it is .99 cents per pound, cut the meat right away, and freeze using our Food Saver system.  While I didn’t measure out the weight of my pork chunks, I would assume that I used about 1.5 – 2 pounds of pork in this recipe if my thinking is correct.

I hope you enjoy this and have nice results!

Orange Spicy Pork Tacos -


1.5-2 lbs cubed pork loin

1/2 onion, diced (or more to taste)

1 small bell pepper, diced (I used orange)

1 tsp canola oil

1 tbsp chopped garlic

1 tbsp oregano, estimated

1/2 cup chicken broth or stock

Cumin, chili powder, cayanne pepper (to taste)

Black pepper and salt (to taste)

Honey or Agave (to taste)

1-2 oranges (I used 2-3 clementines)


  • Heat oil and garlic in a heavy bottomed pan.  I used my ceramic dutch oven, which proceeded to crack in two as I was cooking (it was made cheaply and inexpensive) so I switched to cast iron midway through!  Don’t worry, I made sure we didn’t eat any ceramic pieces! (Just my luck!)
  • Add in your peppers and onions.  Cook until the veggies become tender and the onions fairly translucent.
  • Throw in your pork cubes!  Mix with the onions and peppers.
  • Add in your spices!  I used the oregano and then added in my spices until I was happy with the amount of kick I had in it.  I also added a touch of our homemade taco seasoning – it is a big time saver but you can also just add in your own spices.
  • Keeping with a medium flame, continue to cook and stir your pork until you can see it is cooking down a bit.  Add in the chicken broth and stir again.
  • At this point, I cut the clementines in half and squeezed them in.  I also added agave to minimize the spicyness in the dish.  The juice mixed with the chicken broth gives nice moisture for the pork to sit in until it finishes cooking.
  • You can cover and lower the burner while you grab all of your favorite taco fixings.  We like flour tortillas, light sour cream, and shredded jack cheese with a little bit of Ortega taco sauce.  YUM!

I should note that before we served this up, we cut the pork cubes into smaller chunks and re-added it to the pan to mix with the juices.  It was great and went a little further!  After eating this, we thought it may be good with some rice on the side (or inside, for a burrito) and also maybe some black beans!  Personally, I would have loved some ripe avocado with it.  Enjoy!

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