Cooking Hault

With a kitchen remodel under way, planning meals and cooking has been very difficult around here! Tonight Mike made some great fried chicken sandwiches (I’ll post the recipe for that one when I have a beautiful kitchen to photograph in) and that has been the high point of our cooking.  We have things packed away already – so if you need to chop something up, you have to retrieve a cutting board from a box in the spare bedroom.

But, it is better to be more prepared than not prepared at all – so we’ll deal until the wall of the kitchen is removed (coming soon!) and our new kitchen is put in :)

I’ve been having a really great time getting to know some personal craft and recipe blogs around the internet lately.  I can’t wait to get up to speed like all of you <3  So many of the blogs inspire me!

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2 thoughts on “Cooking Hault

    • Yup! I am certain I’ll post the recipe sometime, but it is basically chicken breast dipped in egg and then panko bread crumbs (seasoned or chipotle), fried in canola oil, and then served on your favorite bread! I like it on flatbread with a bit of cheese, lettuce and BBQ sauce. MMM!

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