My Favorite Sweet Tea

Besides a week long stay at my friend’s home in Alabama in 2007 and going to the Cracker Barrel, I haven’t always been around sweet tea.  Then all these fast food chains started carrying it up here but it just isn’t that good.  I have almost convinced myself that it is good – but this right here is my favorite!

My Fave Sweet Tea - HappyWifey.netThe recipe I’ve been using comes from the website Craving Comfort and can be found here.  I always feel a little guilty using SO MANY tea bags but it is for the greater good.

I really do love how smooth this tastes, and my husband really enjoyed it too. Served over ice it is wonderful!  It isn’t the same exact way that I learned to make it Alabama from my friend and her mother but I think it is pretty close and definitely a keeper of a recipe!

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One thought on “My Favorite Sweet Tea

  1. Aww that is about the SWEETEST thing anyone has ever said,made me feel so GOOD and was a VERY MUCH NEEDED TIMING…LOVE YOU SWEET JERSEY DAUGHTER..MUAH xoxoxoxo..BAMA MOMA

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