Duck, Duck, Goose!

We got caught in a rainstorm while visiting family in Northern New Jersey, but before we did, we caught an up close and personal look at this little guy:

Duck at the Park - HappyWifey.netWhile our nieces were playing on the playground, we heard impending thunder and ran for cover under a pavilion!  I should have taken a photo of the sky, but was definitely too involved with chasing the little ones around.  After hiding out under the pavilion and dancing in the rain a little bit, we dashed for the car.  We left after supper and the girls begged me to play Duck, Duck, Goose… but I think we’ve tabled that for another day.

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Boardwalk Night

Boardwalk Photo @

Mike and I went to dinner with great friends tonight and we ended up at the boardwalk.  We hit up the arcades and played some games but mother nature certainly had other plans.  Just in case you didn’t know, ice cream shops and the like tend to close up at midnight if there is a downpour.  No frozen custard this time…

The best part about spending time with friends you don’t see much is catching up on what’s been going on with each other – but winning at some boardwalk games makes it pretty great too!  I played a wheel game on the boardwalk by putting a quarter on “Kel” and of course it came out.  Luck be a lady, tonight 😉

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DIY Mod Podge

After finding oodles of amazing projects I’d love to make on Pinterest that involve the use of Mod Podge, I quickly decided that I needed to give it a shot.  I haven’t done any projects with it yet but have a ton in mind.

Then I happened to see this DIY tutorial over at do it yourself divas to make your OWN Mod Podge and I knew I had to try it.  Plus, the .97 cent glue at Wal-Mart was just too convenient.

DIY Mod Podge @

So, there it is.  I am trying to think of something good to use it on, but there really are too many possibilities!  By the way, the combination is only 50% Elmer’s glue and 50% water.  I tried to use a little less water because all of the reviews say it can be runny.  Who knows?  I’ve never done this before!

I’ve got a whole bunch of crafts using Mod Podge pinned… I just hope that this homemade stuff works well when I attempt them!

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Cabinets: Check

We did it!  Cabinets have been selected and I am definitely excited!  The price, of course, is always more than you think it will be.  But, we selected nice cabinets with decent constructions that should last a long time.  We also selected some nice additions that will be functional!

I am completely stoked about having a spice pullout drawer, a pantry pullout drawer, a pullout drawer for pots and pans, and some deep drawers as well (for towels and other odds and ends).  Of course there is also the island, seen here:

Kitchen Island - HappyWifey.netHello, island!  Aren’t these digital mockups great?!

Kitchen Floor Plan -

In the end, we decided to axe the cabinet and side panel near the refridgerator and also lost the small cabinet above the dishwasher.  With those savings, we upgraded to dove tailed wood drawers and added better drawer styles throughout.  Woot!

Kitchen Plan -

And last but not least, here is the floor plan!  This floor plan shows the entire kitchen with the 10 foot addition to the left of the drawing.  Really, the 10 foot addition is going straight back toward our backyard.  Happy!

Kitchen Floor Plan -

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Tuesday Evening Failure

I kind of knew before I pressed ‘preheat’ that what I was attempting to make might not do so well.  I had an angel food cake mix (that I got at ALDI a while back) and got two packages of fresh raspberries on sale at the market.

“Surely I don’t need a tube pan to do this,” I told myself, as I pulled out my trust 9″x13″ glass Pyrex dish.

“Surely they cannot mean not to put ANY grease on the pan!  Well, I’m not using a tube pan… so it will be just fine!” I thought and I coated the entire pan in cooking spray.

“I don’t need to use an electric mixer tonight… surely I can just beat this by hand and it will be just great,” I told myself as I whipped the fake egg whites and water.

“The raspberries sure seem like they won’t float.. but what’s the worst that can happen?  They all sink to the bottom of the cake?” and I plopped some raspberries right in.

Now here, right here, is the crowning mistake:

“Oh!  White chocolate chips would take so good with the raspberries!  YUM!” and I plopped some white chocolate chips right in as well.

Fast forward to 30 minutes later… flip, cool, and:

Sad Cake at

The raspberries did sink, the grease made the edges hard and inedible, and as an extra special treat, the white chocolate chips turned into sweet sugar-y mess and caked right onto the pan and became as hard as a rock.

Anyone else think I should retire cooking until the new kitchen is put in?  Clearly I am out of my element when half of my tools are boxed up in the dining room. :(

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Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do – Printable PDF

I’ve been seeing this quote all over the Internet lately.  It is from John C. Maxwell and really is a nice quote to put anywhere you may need a boost!  If I actually used our desk area upstairs instead of my insanely cluttered dining room table, I would definitely print one out and use it up there.  Enjoy!

Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do - Printable PDF from to download PDF)

Also, check out this link for an AMAZING set of painted stairs featuring the very same quote.  I don’t know if I could ever be so daring… but I love it!

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